World Bellyboard Championships 2011

Cornwall World Bellyboard Championship 2011

World Bellyboard Championships attract worldwide entrants

On Sunday 4th September the ever expanding community of traditional wooden ‘prone’ surfing enthusiasts will descend on the cosy location of Chapel Porth beach in St Agnes to take part in the 9th annual ‘World Bellyboard Championships’.

Organised and hosted by the National Trust and sponsored by Skinners Brewery, the event has grown from humble beginnings with just a handful of entrants, into a genuine World Championship competition attracting competitors from every corner of the UK and around the globe.

Contest Director Nick Holden says ‘WBBC 2011 will be bigger and better than ever, we now have a clear direction the World Championships are heading in. It will be competitive, entertaining, inspiring, traditional and above all, bucket loads of fun.

‘If you have heard of the Champs and always intended to come along then this is the year. After 9 years there are still untold stories, un seen boards, un earthed talent, inspiring people and wonderful memories out there that can add even more depth to this brilliant event’. The fascinating stories of surfing described by the colourful characters who take part has helped the competition develop a reputation as providing one of the most enjoyable, inclusive and friendly atmospheres you can encounter in the surfing world’, he added.

The traditional art of surf riding has deep roots in the British Isles. First produced in Britain in the 1920’s and known as surf riding boards, wooden bellyboards are a direct descendant of the ancient Hawaiian paipo boards. The competition embraces all aspects of prone wooden boards and will showcase the work of an evolving low key industry, which produces wooden surf riding equipment. The Museum of British surfing will also be present with a great collection of wooden boards.

All ages, abilities and experience are welcomed at this free to enter bellyboard extravaganza. Not only is the coveted World Title up for grabs but competitors can also walk away with trophies for best vintage board, best artwork, best swimwear and many more. The “WBBC Bake Off” cake competition provides an opportunity to be involved without getting wet, or you can simply soak up the atmosphere as a spectator.

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