Top 3 Places To Go Whale Watching in England

Whale watching in England!

Did you know you can go whale watching in England? These amazing creatures are found along the UK coast, if you know where to go.

Whether you are walking the coastal path, on the ferry or taking a boat trip there is a good chance you will spot a whale.

Minke whales are more commonly seen, but you may also catch sight of a humpback whale every now and then.

So lets look at the best places for whale watching in England.

First up is,

North Shields in Northumberland

North Shields wouldn’t be the first place you would think of when it comes to whale watching, but they are seen here from time to time. From the middle to late summer time you can see Minke whales along this part of the Northumberland coast. The most popular time to see them is towards the end of August, when sightings become more frequent.

Fishermen on this part of the coast often see whales, and after a bone got stuck in a local boats’ fishing net, it was placed outside the The Staithes House Tavern.

If you are on King Edwards Bay or Longsands Beach, or other North Shield beaches, keep an eye out.

Whitby in Yorkshire

Whitby in Yorkshire is well known for being a great coastal destination, but you can spot whales here too. In fact, Whitby has long history of whaling. When you visit, you will see the famous whale bone arch. (The original whale bone arch from 1853 is now in the Whitby Archives & Heritage Centre.) Another interesting place to go while in Whitby.

Head to Whitby beach with your binoculars and look out to sea, or Whitby Whale Watching offer boat trips in September which is the peak season on this part of the coast.

Whales in Cornwall

The beautiful South West coast of Cornwall is another great place to spot Whales. While Dolphins sightings are more common here, Minke Whales and Fin whales also make an appearance. Humpback whale sightings have been recorded, but usually further towards the Isles of Scilly.

That said, recently a Humpback whale was spotted near Padstow.

If you are walking the coastal path, keep an eye out for them. If you have binoculars with you, scan the sea every now and then. You never know when they will pop up. Although the most common time to see them in from April through to September.

You can also take a boat trip to see whales in Cornwall with local boat tour operators.

Occasionally they are spotted along other parts of the coast. Watch this video from 2017 when a Humpback Whale was seen off Berry Head.

It is always exciting spotting a whale, and we are so lucky we are able to see them (fairly easily) from our shores. If you’re trying to spot a whale, it’s a good idea to check with local whale-watching organizations, coastal visitor centers, or tour operators in the specific areas you’ll be visiting. They can provide up-to-date information on recent sightings and the best vantage points for whale-watching.

World Whale Day

See if you can spot a whale on World Whale Day this year, on the 18th February 2024!

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