Peer-To-Peer Boat Rental Launches

Board A Boat

The UK’s First Peer-To-Peer Boat Rental Marketplace ‘Board A Boat’ Announces Completion Of Its Seed Round Of Funding

With £100,000 of investment funding, innovative London based company ‘Board a Boat’ will be moving forward to connect boat owners in the UK, Ireland and France with other boat aficionados looking to rent their vessels.

‘Board a Boat’, the UK’s very first peer-to-peer boat rental company has completed their initial round of funding and will soon begin helping boat owners in the UK, Ireland and France rent their boats to others, generating both interest and income.

With the assistance of multiple investors, ‘Board a Boat’ intend to begin bringing a ‘hand holding’ rental service to the growing European marketplace. Experiencing rapid successful in the United States, the idea of renting out privately owned boats has already attracted investment interest, with San Francisco-based boat rental marketplace ‘Boatbound’ securing $2.5 million investment led by Brunswick in conjunction with Israeli crowd-funding platform ‘OurCrowd’.

Frank Sykes, CEO commented “We are very excited to be bringing this new business model and concept to Europe. The innovative idea behind boat rental has been hugely successful in the United States and we’ve identified a gap in a niche marketplace which we’re perfectly suited to fill.

With the amount of coastline in the UK, Ireland and France, this is sure to be an amazing way for boat owners to pay their dock fees and even turn a profit from their passion too! Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for those looking to hire and boat owners to come together”

‘Board a Boat’ offers boat owners the ability to rent their boat to other seafarers with confidence and ease. Through ‘Board a Boat’ owners can list their vessels on a dedicated platform in complete confidence that they’ll be provided with a comprehensive service which is handled professionally.

The company will verify that renters have completed their certifications, will pay insurance premiums during the hire period and will even plan a convenient inspection to ensure that their boat is ready for hire. Boat owners can even earn extra money by skippering their own boat for hire to those who may prefer a more experienced hand at the helm.

‘Board a Boat’ provides a uniquely innovative and professional service, creating an easy to use marketplace for boat owners and prospective renters to connect and transact securely and effectively. For further information on the services available, please visit the official website at

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