Dog Friendly Beaches Northumberland


Find Dog Friendly Beaches in Northumberland

A guide to dog friendly beaches in Northumberland on the North East coast. Find which beaches dogs are allowed all year round and those with restrictions.

Dogs are allowed on the following beaches all year round.

These beaches have restricted access during the summer season.

Most of Northumberland’s glorious coast in dog friendly with lots of wide open space for them to run around and enjoy themselves.

Northumberland’s Coastal Wildlife

This part of the coast is rural, with farmland, grazing cattle and a haven for coastal wildlife. To access some beaches you need to walk through, farmland and dunes. It is best to keep your dog on a lead as you pass through.

The dunes and grasslands along Northumberland’s coastline play a vital role in providing safe nesting grounds for a range of ground-nesting birds. To help protect these birds, it’s important to keep your dog on a lead while walking through the dunes or grasslands, or when using these areas to reach the beach, between March and July.

You may also come across seals on the beach, give them their space and don’t alarm them.

If you are visiting the Northumberland, check out some of the fantastic beaches to go to.

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