Talacre Lighthouse

Talacre Lighthouse Wales Coast

Talacre Lighthouse

The lighthouse at Talacre, in Flintshire, Wales, is officially known as Point of Ayre. The lighthouse is one of the most famous landmarks in the area and dominates the beautiful Talacre beach which lies in the in the town of Talacre a popular holiday destination.

Talacre Lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse in all of Wales. It has stood in its spot at Talacre Beach since it was originally constructed in 1776, making it the same age as the United States of America. At least the independent incarnation of the country (The signing of the Declaration of Independence). Overall the site had a working lighthouse for about 70 years. The original construction was destroyed by the sea and rebuilt in 1820 before becoming disused from the 1840s onwards.

Some say however that the old lighthouse keeper is still in there somewhere as the lighthouse is among one of the more haunted locations in the United Kingdom. There are reports of paranormal activity and sightings of ghostly apparitions inside the lighthouse; specifically the ghostly figure of the old lighthouse keeper. People say they can see a ghostly figure wearing the clothes of a lighthouse keeper on the lighthouse, still keeping a vigil they have long since been released from by death.

The Talacre lighthouse fell in to disrepair and was restored back to its former glory in 1994. Since then it has become a unique tourist attraction. People who are interested in history can enjoy the oldest lighthouse in Wales. People of a more paranormal persuasion can also have their fair share of fun. Even art lovers have something for them there. The lighthouse now has a 7ft tall statue that honours the memory of the old lighthouse keeper. So even if you don’t see the ghost of the keeper, you can see their statue at least.

Talacre Lighthouse Statue

The ‘Keeper’ is a 7ft stainless steel sculpture by artist Angela Smith. It is said to represent all the ghost sightings at the lighthouse. One of which is of the keeper, who stands on the upper walkway.

The atmospheric lighthouse has become part of British history and is enjoyed by people who visit it. There are caravan and camping parks near the beach and visitors to the area make at least one stop to the lighthouse before heading home. The lighthouse has also played a role in British popular culture. It was featured in an advert for the paint company Dulux in 2011 when the famous Dulux dog runs along the sand. The beach has also been featured in a scene on critically acclaimed TV show Skins, the popular teen drama.

The village of Talacre is popular holiday destination in North Wales with amusements and arcades near the seafront including Thomsons Funland. For a kids adventure visit the Dangerpoint -Danger Detective Quest designed like a film set, follow the indoor trail on a journey from home to beach, countryside and playground. It has everything you could want from a traditional seaside holiday and is as much a part of the culture as the lighthouse. Famous comedian Paul O’ Grady is known for telling stories of the summers he would spend there as a child.

If you’re interested in a unique location on your trip through Wales then make sure you make a stop at the Point of Ayre, Talacre Lighthouse. Visit the lighthouse, see the ghost if you can, and enjoy everything Talacre has to offer. The beach around the lighthouse is also a nature reserve and a wonderful place to explore or walk the Wales Coast Path.

Just be careful when you visit; the lighthouse is only accessible during low tide. You certainly wouldn’t want to be stuck in there with no one for company but a century plus year old ghost now would you?

Take this great 360 virtual tour of the lighthouse.

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