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Potted Shrimp and Toast

Where to Find Great Potted Shrimp

Potted shrimp are a traditional Lancashire dish made with locally caught brown shrimp. The dish is made from brown shrimp in sealed with clarified butter served in a small pot. Recipes have been handed down over generations and there are modern twists (including adding tabasco) but the classic recipe is made with butter seasoned with nutmeg and cayenne pepper.
It is usually eaten with bread or melba toast.

Potted shrimp was a favourite dish of Ian Fleming who passed on his predilection for the delicacy to his famous fictional creation James Bond. Fleming reputedly used to eat the dish at Scotts Restaurant on Mount Street in London where it is still served to this day.

Morecambe Bay Brown Shrimps are renowned for their delicate taste and unique texture; they have been caught by local Fishermen for hundreds of years.

Locally caught shrimps, boiled in butter with a secret combination of spices until they are tender. They are then sealed with butter and packed into pots.

They can be eaten either warm or cold.

Baxters of Morecambe we have been producing Morecambe Bay potted shrimps since 1880

Morcambe Bay Potted Shrimps or if you want to make your own order brown shrimps

Gurneys Fish Shop Norfolk Brown Shrimps are caught in the shallow waters of the Wash and are landed at King’s Lynn.

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